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    ELMER The Company from India enters into the LED Lighting Industry with 3 decades of Experience. ELMER a prized brand of EL-CARE, has built business that transcended time, nurtured innovation, driven industry transformation, leveraged leadership and harnessed the true power of technology.

    EL-CARE is one of India’s leading manufacturers of LED Lights, Cable Jointing Kit, Cable Glands and other electrical accessories. With over three decades of solid experience, EL - CARE, based in the industrial city of Coimbatore, deploys the expertise and the state-of-the-art technology from Swiss-based Company that has a global presence in over 70 countries. This sets us apart, driving us towards delivering quality manufacturing solutions for industries and domestic market.

    Product Features

    • Creative Design, and many proprietary technologies in ELMER LED lights, not only make it at the top-level in this area, but also make the light to be an art work.
    • In combination with the environment, it plays a role which is greater than lights.
    • Uses only LM80 Certified LED Chips (Cree, Osram and Seoul).
    • High intensity die cast and extrusion aluminium body , Better heat dissipation structure materials are used.
    • Uniform Light without obvious dark field
    • Low power consumption
    • High intensity and stability
    • Stable Colour appearance and high color rendering
    • Unique circuit design with strong resistant against static electricity which ensures the stability of the lights for long life span

    Quality Ensured

    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
    • Power factor (PF) > 0.95
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD ) < 10%
    • High Luminary efficacy
    • High LED efficiency
    • High driver efficiency
    • Using Isolated Drivers
    • Low Junction Temperature
    • Surge Protection upto 4 KV

    Benefits of ELMER - LED Lighting

    • Energy Efficiency - LED Lighting Features Much Better Energy Efficiency
    • Long Life - LED Lighting Features Long Operational Life Time Expectations
    • Ecologically Friendly - LED Lighting Is Much More Eco-Friendly
    • Durable Quality - LED Illumination Can Withstand Rough Conditions
    • Zero UV Emissions - LED Lighting Features Close to No UV Emissions
    • Design Flexibility - LED Lighting Has Powerful Flexible Design Features
    • Operational in - 20 degree to + 45 Degree centigrade
    • Light Dispersment - LED Lights Achieve Higher Application Efficiency
    • Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching - LEDs Can Be Turned On/Off Many Times
    • Low-Voltage - LED Lighting Can Run on Low-Voltage Power Supply

    Environmental Friendly

    • CLED Lighting is non-toxic and contains no mercury, lead, cadmium and are recyclable.
    • Long life ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 hours.
    • Reduced recycling costs required to dispose of hazardous bulbs and ballast.
    • No change of ballast required.
    • No breakable glass or filaments and are highly resistant to shock and vibration.


    “It was important for us to switch to the LED lights throughout the building for multiple reasons, with the number one being of course money savings. It’s a nice clean look. It gives a nice bright light. It was very nice to work with Elmer LED, because they provided with an outstanding consulting, which is very nice to do

    - Ragavendar, Chennai.

    Elmer LED has put together a great team with the three core values that I look for in team members: Integrity, Honesty, and Energy. In working together with Elmer LED over the years those core values are held high.

    - Sureshkumar, Coimbatore.

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